“I Owe You Big-Time”

LTtax™ clients are a cross-representation of medium to large-size businesses across the United States. Over the years, we have built up a productive, working relationship with each of our clients, based on support and communication. Not only did we grow with our clients, we have also learned something from each of them… gaining something more valuable than anything else – EXPERIENCE, TRUST and RECOGNITION.

“I owe you big-time for LTtax… and for your continuing (and patient) support!! I have followed your suggestion to let LTtax work for me; I have eliminated three spreadsheets, and now rely on LTtax’s detailed reports to make my federal and state tax payments. One of our local offices had voided an entire payroll, re-entering it with corrections. The ‘voiding’ did not carry over to our system! Thanks to LTtax, we discovered the error and avoided making a substantial overpayment!”
I thought… it doesn’t get any better than this!!”

Payroll/Tax Manager – OH

“The Easiest Quarter Report Time”

“Hello everybody,”
“I wish I had everybody’s email so I could let everyone know that this has been the easiest quarter report time I have ever had. We got started late due to some technical difficulties on our end, but thanks to LTtax, in just two weeks, we made all our payments and on-line filings. I never could have done it without you guys. The cleaning crew didn’t threaten this time to bring me a cot to sleep on, and my family actually recognizes me.”

Payroll Tax Administrator – PA

“Outstanding Customer Service”

“Thank you for your outstanding customer service. You treat me as though I am your only customer, even though I know I am not.”

Payroll Manager – AZ