Did You KNOW? Update from Massachusetts Department of Workforce Development

Beginning with fourth quarter 2008 tax filing, the Massachusetts Department of Workforce Development will no longer accept paper versions of the Division of Unemployment Assistance (DUA) Form 1 and DUA-1700 HI. Instead, all businesses will be required to file and pay electronically.

Large companies filing on their own behalf are encouraged to use the online WebFile for Business for their unemployment insurance (UI) and unemployment health insurance (UHI) reports and pay by electronic funds transfer (EFT). Employers can register for this service and select a password by going to https://wfb.dor.state.ma.us/webfile.

There are several benefits in using the online WebFile service, including:

  • It knows your tax rate and credit amount and will calculate your taxes after you enter wages.
  • It will send a confirmation for each DUA transaction.
  • It stores historical data that is easy to access.
  • The only EFT payment option for DUA taxes is ACH debit.

In addition, bulk filing is available for third party payers. Companies filing independently will be required to key in the information online. A bulk filing facility is in progress.

Although Form 1 and Form 1700 HI are no longer accepted by the state, LTtax will continue to make the forms available to clients for informational purposes only. LTtax will generate the detail wage data electronically.

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